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How do you approach life? Do you live passively or proactively? Consider this example. Jules has decided to start weight training and enhance his muscularity. It’s a healthy decision that serves his mind, body and soul. He trains for 1.5 hour and then calls it quits for the day. He thinks to himself, “Well, that felt good. I think I’ll hit the gym again sometime soon.” The way Jules approaches his training is the way that 99% of people out there approach healthy habits and everything else in life. They do things, maybe hoping for certain results, and see what happens.
The other 1% – the leaders in this world – they approach life differently. They live life proactively. Consider Alex. Alex thinks to herself, “I want to build some muscle. And on a scale of 0 to 10, I want it to be a level 10.” Then she thinks, “What do I need to achieve my goal of a level 10?” By envisioning the result she wants in advance, Alex takes control over the outcome. She isn’t taking a passive approach to life, just hoping it will happen or expecting it to happen. She is regaining control and taking a proactive approach to achieving her goals. You can do this, too.


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Why should you enter this challenge?

The key to healthy habits is focus. You have decided that this is what you are committed to. You have decided that this is the result you want. You aren’t waiting and hoping that it happens; you are creating the conditions that make it happen. If you’re ready to start creating healthy habits and take your fitness journey to the next level, work with me to eliminate barriers to a greater self.

What will you learn in this challenge?

Warren Buffett’s “2 List” Strategy for Focused Attention

One of my favorite methods for focusing attention on what matters and eliminating what doesn’t comes from the infamous investor Warren Buffett.

1. Measure Your Results

Focus often fades because of lack of feedback. Your brain has a natural desire to know whether or not you are making progress toward your goals, and it is impossible to know that without getting feedback. From a practical standpoint, this means that we need to measure our results.

2. Focus on the process, not a specific event

In order to maintain long-term focus, concentrate on processes rather than events. All too often we see success as an event that can be achieved and completed.

What will happen to you during this challenge?

You will:

  • Avoid over eating and weight gain
  • Learn an approach that fits YOUR goals
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Maintain some normalcy during the holidays
  • Be mindful and not worried or anxious

What’s Included


Easy-To-Follow Plan

Plan your strategy: what’s important vs what’s important to you. Food, NEAT, Training, Supplements, Lifestyle…

Instructional videos

Receive a weekly motivational video answering all your questions.


E-mailed Training Materials

Receive 4 DIY workouts! Use the food guide, fill up the daily diaries, and participate in the community exchanges via Slack.

Weekly Check-ins

Check-ins are set up to ensure stable and lasting results. Complete weekly weigh-ins, questionnaires and engage regularly with the community.

What do I need to enter this challenge?

  1. Sign up below (you’ll receive an invite to register to Slack)
  2. Submit your starting weight and progress pictures before December 25th
  3. Follow the plan emailed to you (use the food guide, fill up the diaries, participate in the Slack community exchanges…)
  4. Complete weekly weigh-ins
  5. Measure your individual progresses
  6. Commit to the plan and you’ll have a chance to win a free month membership and a special edition shirt!

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