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About Train on Main

Train on Main was established in 2009 and was originally developed to promote fitness in the surrounding neighbourhood. Throughout the years, this 2000 square foot boutique style facility has evolved into more specialized instruction where cross training classes focus primarily on health, strength, weight loss, and pre-habilitation (injury prevention). Classes also extend into Kettle bell training, traditional weight training, spinning, and senior’s strength & health. Train on Main also specializes in body composition maximization (fat loss and muscle gain) as well as competitive physique preparation. Our personal training department is well versed in nutrition and fitness programming and is dedicated to helping you attain your fitness goals.

Friends, family, children and dogs are always welcome and 24 hour access makes the use of the facility priceless.

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Equipment includes:

• 7 squat cages with accompanying 45lbs Olympic bar
• 6 incline adjustable benches (0º - 90º)
• 2 decline adjustable benches (-30º - 90º)
• Over 2000lbs of weighted plates (dense rubber coated, NOT bumper plates)
• 3lbs–80lbs dumbbells (multiple sets of 3-40lbs)
• 1 commercial grade 45º plate loaded leg press (Apex)
• 1 Smith machine
• 1 leg adduction/abduction/hip extension/hip flexion machine
• 1 leg extension machine
• 1 seated leg curl machine
• 1 lying leg curl machine
• 1 seated calf raise machine
• 2 cable Lat Pull-down machines
• 2 adjustable cable pulley machines (multipurpose use)
• 1 “Pec deck”/reverse fly machine (pin loaded)
• 1 upright seated chest press machine (pin loaded)
• 1 seated shoulder press machine (pin loaded)
• 1 upright leg press machine (pin loaded)
• 1 seated bilateral row machine (pin loaded)
• 2 22lbs cambered curl bars
• Resistance bands of varying strengths (EliteFTS)
• 8 Keiser spin bikes
• 1 stair mill (revolving stairs)

The Trainers

Laina Barber

Gustavo Bellene

Megan Smith

Dario Ruiz