What is Fitin10?

The Fitin10 challenge is a program is designed to help you to lose 30% of your total fat mass. The focus is fat loss (rather than weight loss) with an emphasis on maintenance of lean body mass. To date, we've had over 200 participants EXCEED the 30% fat mass goal! The challenge takes place over the course of 10 weeks and includes the following:
  • 10 Week Personalized Program (Personally Tailored Diet + Cardiovascular Plan)
  • Unlimited Resistance Based Workouts with Coach Martina Yabekova
  • Body Composition Analysis Smart Scale
  • Workout Guide and Weekly Strategy⠀
  • Daily Motivational Video by Coach Mark
  • 6 Virtual Weigh-ins
  • Fitin10 T-Shirt

The next Fitin10 information session takes place Saturday April 22 at 10:30am

Zoom Meeting lD: 081719

Zoom Meeting Passcode: 895 4856 9350 The official start date for the Spring 2023 Fitin10 is Saturday May 6th 2023. The introductory tutorial will take place on day 1 (Saturday May 6th) at 10:30am online via Zoom. The Zoom meeting details for this mandatory tutorial will be sent out to all registered participants.

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What is the Fitin10 Challenge?

The Fitin10 challenge is a 10 week program designed with the goal of reducing total bodyfat mass by 30%. This is achieved via 4.5 hours of combined exercise per week along with a strict macro-nutrient based diet. Fitin10 is both a physical and educational program designed around lifestyle habits to help better manage body composition for the on-going future. Every week each participant receives an email outlining tailored macro-nutrient numbers along with individualized fat loss mini goals and cardiovascular programming targets.  

Tell me more about the...

1. Exercise program

The program involves completing 3 x 1 hour resistance based workouts and 3 x 30 minutes cardiovascular workouts per week; this accounts for 4.5 hours of exercise per week (less than 3% of your week!). The resistance based workouts require zero formal gym equipment and are run online via Zoom with Coach Martina. These classes can be completed live (recommended) or you may perform them on your own using the posted class recording. The cardiovascular program is heart rate based and is to be completed on your own. Each cardiovascular session incorporates intervals of higher intensity and intensity varies on a week to week basis.  

2. Diet program

The diet program is macronutrient based (if you don't know what this is, don't worry). Simplistically speaking, assigned macronutrients are individually tailored and are based off of personal information such as age, sex, lean body mass, current activity level, menopause status, etc. Macronutrient numbers will change throughout the challenge.  

3. Body Composition Assessment

All assessments are completed online. Initial assessment will take place prior to the start of the challenge and body fat loss goal setting will be determined here. Future check-ins take place every 2 weeks right up until the end of the program.  

4. Accountability Measures

Accountability is the number one predictor of success. As part of being accountable to the Fitin10 program, daily eating journals are shared with coach Mark and feedback is provided on an on-going basis. In addition, a weekly online questionnaire is completed by each participant and feedback is provided via a daily video. Each video is posted online and published within a Fitin10 private community group.  

Next Challenge Starts:

Saturday May 6th 2023 and runs straight through to Friday July 14th 2023

Join a group of people who want to make a change
and begin your journey to a healthier, better you in just 10 short weeks!


All Ages and All Fitness Levels Welcome.

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Testimonials from Past Participants

I have been working out with Martina for about 9 years. I don't exercise at ToM but I have seen the development of this gym from conception. I just finished their 10 weeks challenge and I got really motivated by it.

To my big surprise, I enjoyed and learned a lot from the challenge.


- France

Before joining, I had walked past Train on Main a number of times. Every time there was something going on and this peaked my interest.

When I looked into the gym further, I discovered the Fit in 10 Challenge. At the time, I was pretty unhappy with my body composition and wanted to do something about it. So I signed up, and vowed to make a change.

I continue to train on main because it unlike any gym I have gone to before. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. There is a real sense of community. Fitness can be a challenge thing to work on, but it is a lot easier when you are not alone.

The trainers have taught me a lot and continue to provide me with great feedback. You can tell they not only want you to reach your goals but also be able to maintain the behaviours that helped you achieve them.

- Nic

... my whole adult life, I wanted to shed 10 pounds. I did not have the tools to lose weight safely over time and keep it off. As a chronic dieter, I was always looking for the quick fix. I would start a diet and fail after a few days of feeling cranky and hungry.

When Mark and Martina announced they were organizing a fitness challenge, I signed up with trepidation. Every week, there was a workshop on fitness and nutrition. We were sent a weekly macronutrient breakdown for our diet and workouts. We had a weekly weigh in which kept me on track and accountable. Our workouts consisted of 3 strength training days and 3 cardio days. All this information was a huge learning curve for me. I decided to trust the process and give it an honest try. I was pleased to see that I could diet without feeling hungry. I learned to make smart choices with my food and made the gym my priority. Every week there were small adjustments to my macros and workouts. These minor changes made the program sustainable and something I could finally stick to. I exceeded all my expectations with the program. I lost 15 pounds of fat  and gained half a pound of muscle in the process. I have never been happier and I am thrilled with my results! I now have the body I always dreamed of! "

- Kathy

I joined Train on Main because Martina and Mark are phenomenal trainers and fun to train with.

They understand the uniqueness of each body and the nutritional essentials required for varying objectives and different body types.

With Martina and Mark being very down to earth and people-oriented, the culture of the gym is the same.  The trainers and the participants connect like a community, making the workouts fun and giving a comradery in challenging the physical strength and endurance.

Over the years, I have learnt tremendously from the trainers about nutrition and the different types of exercises and their purposes.  From their tutelage, I have gained confidence in the choices I make about food and dietary lifestyles and in my own fitness skills.   The training I have received over the years at Train on Main have given my body greater strength, mobility and endurance.

I enjoy the friendly folks at Train on Main who come from all walks of life; they give the gym a community feel and a vibe that is fun and welcoming.

- Yan-Yan

Body Scans from Past Participants

Entry Includes:

  • 10 Week Personalized Body Transformation Program (Customized Diet & Workout Plan)
  • 30 Workouts with coaches Mark St Arnaud and Martina Yabekova
  • 10 Week Step by Step Meal Plan with Guide and Strategy
  • Workout Guide and Weekly Strategy⠀
  • Daily motivational video by Coach Mark
  • 4 Body Fat Scans to Measure Body Composition and Body Fat
  • Transformation Challenge T-Shirt
    A new body! (value – priceless)⠀

And a new body!