Change You Can See in 6 Weeks!

Saturday, July 18th 2020 till Saturday, August 29nd 2020

Let me teach you where to put your time, energy and resource for maximum weight loss benefits.

Building new healthy habits takes time and this 6 week challenge can help to get the ball rolling.

Investment: $199 + GST

Prize: $500 prize plus 2 entries reimbursement 

Why should you enter this challenge?

Beside the fact that it works, investing in a coach significantly increases your likelihood of success by making your commitment real. Along with an incredibly supportive community, targeted food sources, and multiple cash prizes.

  • Diet Guide (no macro counting) & Workout Plan
  • Zoom Community Access (weekly meet-ups Saturdays @ 10:30AM)
  • Success System Workbook (food log & diaries)
  • Prizes: $500 prize, 2 entries reimbursement

Upgrade to Summer Cut Plus with Zoom Bootcamp classes (7x days a week at 7am and 6pm) additional fee applies (+$100 for new participants)⁣⁣

What will you learn in this challenge?

How to build new habits and keep them. Strategies using apps, self evaluations tools and online resources to introduce and strengthen these habits. A unique element to implement each week.

  • Get accountability and support throughout the entire 6 week challenge.

What will happen to you during this challenge?

You will:

  • Lose the weight
  • Improve your physical and cardiovascular health
  • Gain more knowledge and self confidence
  • Eliminate food confusion
  • Build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

What’s Included


Easy-To-Follow Plan

Summer Cut teaches you a three part program (diet, training and goal setting), designed to maintain the body you’ve built. Submit your starting weight via pictures between July 16-20th 2020.

E-mailed Training Materials

Receive a customized 6 week plan! Use the food guide, fill up the daily diaries, and participate in the weekly zoom meet-ups.

Regular Weekly Check-ins

Progression check-ins are set up to assure stable and lasting results. Complete weekly verified weigh-ins and attend the weekly zoom meet-ups.

Saturdays: 10:30AM (approx. 30-45 minutes)

What do I need to enter this challenge?

  1. Sign up below (you’ll be automatically entered in our private Slack messaging group)
  2. Submit your starting weight via pictures between July 16th and July 20th
  3. Follow the plan emailed to you (use the food guide, fill up the diaries, participate to the zoom weekly community check ins…)
  4. Complete weekly verified weigh-ins
  5. Kill your 7% goal (Summer Cut Goal)
  6. Commit to the plan and you’ll have a chance to win cash prizes!

Summer Cut Sign-Up